Watermessage Necklace


The Watermessage Necklace is from the Now Couture Collection and is a unique piece.
The necklace measures approximately 56cm in length.
The Vermeil composition measures 20.5cm x 8.40cm and weights 98.9g.
All our jewellery is individually handmade.
This is a bespoke piece of jewellery. It is made from 24 Carat Vermeil with black natural silk.
It has been crafted in the UK and Europe.

Marta has created many pieces of jewellery over the year’s. Some we still stock and can be shipped immediately, these can be found under ‘Available now‘. Other designs she has created have been sold but can be made to order with a 4-8 week lead time, these can be found under ‘Available to order
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